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Teaneck Siding Company

Can new house siding really make a difference to your family’s life? With the Teaneck siding experts at RJW Exteriors, the answer is yes! Our replacement siding offers a day-to-day improvement to your comfort as well as long-term boosts to energy efficiency, curb appeal, and property value. We’re manufacturer-certified and driven to deliver nothing less than 100% satisfaction—both today and for decades to come.

Our many home siding options include:

  • CertainTeed Siding
  • Hardie Board Fiber Cement
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Insulated Vinyl Siding
  • Composite Siding
  • Engineered Wood Siding
  • And More!

We take pride in paying close attention to the needs and wants of our customers, and we can help you choose from these many world-class siding options. We can even mix and match from various manufacturers and product lines to create a solution that’s uniquely suited to your Teaneck home.

Customized Options for Your Teaneck Siding Replacement

RJW Exteriors has been a trusted siding installation company since 1994, and over the last 25+ years, we’ve been recognized with top awards from HomeAdvisor and other important industry groups. We’re also a CertainTeed 5-Star Green Contractor for vinyl siding and trim!

When you call our Teaneck siding contractors, we’ll consult with you to select the right solution for your specific needs. We utilize cutting-edge technology that shows you a 3D image of your home, making it effortless for you to see how different materials and styling options will look.

Here’s the deal.

No matter which material or detailing you choose, you can rest assured that we offer first-rate products with lifetime value. While the specific benefits will vary, all of our siding replacement options are designed to provide:

  • High Levels of Energy Efficiency
  • Customizable Options for Color, Panel Style, Texture, and Finish
  • Reliable Strength in the Teaneck Climate
  • Durability Against UV Rays and Moisture
  • Resistance to Fading, Scratching, and Cracking

Some of our options, like James Hardie fiber cement, also provide superior resistance to fire damage and boring insects. And all are covered by premium warranties on both materials and labor—giving you peace of mind that lasts.

Grab Your Free Quote for House Siding in Teaneck

Whether you’ve already decided on a siding replacement or are still exploring your options, RJW Exteriors is here to help! We genuinely want what’s best for your home and will help you choose siding that’s made to last.

Reach out to us by phone to speak with a professional home remodeler in Teaneck! To sign up for a free siding installation appointment, fill out our online form now.